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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to apply garnier light and similar creams & moisturisers

I've noticed that some of the people that I see (including my friends) find it hard to look natural after applying garnier light daily moisturiser. The white moisturiser is visible on their faces in the form of flakes. Just use a face wash or a cleanser, then use lots of toner and apply garnier light daily moisturiser. Your skin must be wet when you apply the moisturiser so don't wait after applying the toner. Don't take a lot of moisturiser and don't apply it to the whole face. Instead choose a small area of your face or neck (like nose or upper lips) and take the moisturiser in a very small amount and apply it. It's almost like blending it into the toner. After applying it, pat it for a while. It is often seen that while grooming, (hair styling or applying something on your face) it's better to apply the thing to a small part also because every part needs personal attention and your whole face may not have the same kind of skin and you may not want each section of your hair to look the same.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Latest action from the Long Room at Lord's

Lights, camera, action: high-quality drama from the England cricket dressing-room at Lord's has an all-star cast
Previously on The Long Room, the year's must-watch drama series: Kevin and Peter's relationship is in crisis. Kevin gambles that the company will back him but when key Long Room staffers such as Freddie make it known that they prefer Peter, both lose their jobs. Andrew gets promoted. Shane has been blamed for Kevin's actions, while Duncan makes a surprising reappearance to attack the company. Michael and Kevin are close, but is Michael just using Kevin to get what he wants? And why does no one ever mix with Monty?
The disintegration of Team England has been dispiriting and Andrew Strauss, the new captain, knows that some of his side are more team-mates than soul-mates. His task is to ensure that the differing cliques can work together. It will help that Strauss is generally liked and respected, even if some players think he is a bit too much of a Peter Perfect. Here is how the rest split:
The Flintoff camp (Andrew Flintoff, Stephen Harmison, James Anderson): sensitive fast bowlers who dislike batsmen getting the credit for their hard work. The three were the least keen to return to India before Christmas.
The Pietersen camp (Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood, Michael Vaughan): batsmen and captains who thrived under Duncan Fletcher and were no fans of Peter Moores.
The Darts camp (Harmison, Alastair Cook, Flintoff): those who relax with a few games of 501. Harmison travels everywhere with his dartboard and Cook has installed an oche in his Essex home.
The Nottinghamshire camp (Ryan Sidebottom, Stuart Broad, Graeme Swann): the county team-mates get on well, although all three started at other counties and so didn't experience the Nottinghamshire dressing-room when Pietersen was there.
The Anglo-Asians (Owais Shah, Ravi Bopara): the batsmen are often seen at dinner together. Shah has also taken Adil Rashid, the Yorkshire leg spinner, under his wing.
Ashes heroes (Flintoff, Pietersen, Ian Bell, Collingwood, Vaughan, Harmison, Strauss): went through a lot together, but sometimes that can make people less willing to welcome newcomers.
New boys (Matt Prior, Broad, Sidebottom, Swann, Tim Ambrose): they were blooded by Moores and in the case of Sidebottom and Swann owe the rebirth of their England careers to the former head coach.
Young guns (Broad, Luke Wright): the one-day England team-mates are very close off the field. Cook and Anderson also get on after becoming friends when summoned to join the senior England side in 2006.
Private people (Monty Panesar, Bell): keep themselves to themselves.
Everyone's mate (Swann): the likeable spinner is a soothing force.
All organisations have personality clashes and cliques, though. The best way to get over them is to be successful. If Strauss can lead England to a few victories, feuds will be forgotten.

Note: This post is not written by me. When I created this blog, it was almost accidental. I didn't know what blogs are. I just thought I'd add the stuff I want to talk about. I thought I'd just copy paste things from other website and ask my friends to discuss it on my blog.

Source: Latest action from the Long Room at Lord's


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