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Monday, June 21, 2010

Jenny Valentine's Broken Soup Review

I loved that book. Sometimes, I just could not stop reading it. It's name reminded me of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul series. Jenny Valentine had me hooked to it. What I liked is that it felt like the words are coming out of a teenage soul.

The story is based on a 15 year old, Rowan Clark. Rowan's life has been devastated by two things, the birth of her little sister, Stroma and the death of her elder brother, Jack. And because of Jack's death, her mom has become the saddest person on the universe. Everyone loved Jack, everyone. And when people are gone, you can just pretend they were perfect, that you never had any complaints from them and that is what Rowan's mom did. Rowan had to take care of her mom and Stroma since her dad moved out.

The arrival of Harper and Bee changes everything. Everything in the book is so well defined that I feel like I know every character in person. I can relate to some of the things. I do have Jack but I do not have Bee. And Harper is away from me. One little girl whom I saw, reminded me of Stroma. The book isn't just the normal tale of a teenage girl, there are lots of surprises. The book has it all: romance, humor, sadness, mystery.

When I finished reading chapter 21, just when I was about to turn the page, I remembered that 21 is the last chapter. For one moment, I wished I had mistaken. I could not believe that this was the end. It felt like it was not over, like there was more. Jenny Valentine will have you asking for more.