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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to apply garnier light and similar creams & moisturisers

I've noticed that some of the people that I see (including my friends) find it hard to look natural after applying garnier light daily moisturiser. The white moisturiser is visible on their faces in the form of flakes. Just use a face wash or a cleanser, then use lots of toner and apply garnier light daily moisturiser. Your skin must be wet when you apply the moisturiser so don't wait after applying the toner. Don't take a lot of moisturiser and don't apply it to the whole face. Instead choose a small area of your face or neck (like nose or upper lips) and take the moisturiser in a very small amount and apply it. It's almost like blending it into the toner. After applying it, pat it for a while. It is often seen that while grooming, (hair styling or applying something on your face) it's better to apply the thing to a small part also because every part needs personal attention and your whole face may not have the same kind of skin and you may not want each section of your hair to look the same.