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Friday, September 24, 2010

Does Your Family Need You?

A lot of people spend less time with family for a lot of reasons. One being technology. Technology is enjoyable and can help you learn but only to an extent. You need to take some time off technology to spend more time with family. Another reason is work. Working overtime does not always benefit. What are you doing it all for? Yeah, your kids need it for their education, hobby classes, musical instruments etc. but don't they need your time more than that? It is essential for human mental well-being to talk to people and I'm not talking about talking online. Give them the touch, the hug, smell the flowers, look at the sky, go for a walk, eat chocolate together and laugh on meaningless things. The right way to live is not by spending all your time on technology. You don't want your child to turn 17, leave home and tell you there is no use of staying with you anyway because you are always at work. Or feel guilty about never giving your parents enough time because in your teens you were always on your IPod or computer? People can get a lot closer than they think. Even if your sibling or parent is annoying, eating out or playing with them can still be fun and issues can be resolved usually.

Hopefully, you'll live in a better way from now on,
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