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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life Of A Snake: Shahrukh Khan

When I go to a party, I stand in a corner and observe people. That's what I do, I'm always observing.
When you look at a painting, don't think that the sky's colour is too light or dark. Think if the whole painting creates a good effect. Don't work for parts, work for the whole. If you work for parts, you'll only be partially successful.
In this profession, you are not advised to do this, you just can't, but I only work with the people I like.
People always say that acting is about wearing masks. I say, no, it's not about wearing masks, it's about revealing them. When I've nothing to reveal, when I'm completely naked, I'd stop acting.
Shahrukh Khan was quoted as saying in Living with a Superstar
May be I'm a foreigner with fair skin, blue eyes, blonde hair. May be I choose the right films. May be it's the directors I choose. Or may be I'm just a fluke.
Shahrukh Khan on what made him successful

The title must have left you wondering why I'm calling him a snake if you are unfamiliar with Chinese zodiac. Now, don't be put off, this post is more about the life of Shahrukh Khan than Chinese zodiac. About a week ago I watched the first part of Living with a Superstar: Shahrukh Khan on TLC (formerly Discovery travel & living). And the second part a few days ago. I've liked the guy from the day I first saw him till now. No one in Bollywood comes close. In the recent years, I have moved away from Bollywood and closer to Hollywood and British movies. I've not liked most of the Bollywood movies I've seen in the past few years much. But, I've still enjoyed Shahrukh Khan's films and some of Aamir Khan. The liking goes back to his early days. When his first film, Deewana was released, I was only a year old so obviously didn't watch it at that time. But I did watch it and many others. He was great in his third movie, Chamatkar too. At that time, actors stayed away from negative roles, fearing about the image it would create. But Shahrukh Khan's negative roles in Darr and Baazigar are what brought him to the limelight. And everybody loved Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. I watched them on the theatre with my family. And many other Shahrukh films before and after that, including Duplicate. Naturally, I loved his pairing with Kajol and even now, no actress comes close to her for me.

But behind this successful side of him, is a lonely person. Yep, snakes are lonely. My first notion of snakes was that they are unhappy and lonely. But it changed when I found out that Shahrukh Khan is a snake. But the second part of Living with a Superstar made me realise that he too, is lonely. He says that he doesn't struggle with acting, which we already know. What we don't know is that he struggles with reality, which he said himself. Acting comes naturally to him but even without trying, he becomes the character. While doing My Name Is Khan, he became Rizwan Khan and I saw that he shed a tear or two, after a shot during the filming of the movie. And said that off-sets, he became sad, started finding sadness in things he normally wouldn't. He says that after the shooting of the movie completes, he washes away the character of the movie while taking a shower. I had thought about this but in a different way. I had thought that actors might behave like one of their characters and get confused about what they are in reality. But Shahrukh Khan has actually spoiled his real life because of acting. Though I'm not suggesting that he must have chosen a different career. He says that it's fun for him, it's like a video game to him. This tells you that there is far more to a person and especially celebrities than you think.

The writer is an aspiring psychologist. 

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