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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is love horrible or magical?

The image on the right is all bullshit. Yup, I've been in love and it isn't horrible. It's the opposite. No, I'm not new to love. It's not like I've just 'fallen in love' and after sometime I'm gonna fall and cry in darkness. Lol. Yes, it opens your heart but not for someone to mess you up but for someone to touch your soul. The ones who need a suit of armor are afraid. The ones who need security or protection, are afraid. They are afraid to live, to experience. The only kind of love I believe in, is life long love. All else is just attraction or infatuation or obsession or attachment. Attachment is selfishness+love. Even to the ones who fall in love again and again and get hurt, I'd say it's an experience. No emotion shall be left unexplored. Pain, gain, love, joy, happiness, sadness, anger, all of them teach us something. It's upon you to learn or regret.

Yes, I'm in love, I've been for years and will be, for years to come. And even after a long time of separation, I don't regret it. In times of distress, it gave me hope, it made my life meaningful. It gave me joy, made my life worth living. In times of separation, I felt something was missing but the beautiful feeling could still be felt. It makes my life worth living. Never losing hope helps. My life is still mine, and his life is his. I don't believe in saying, he is mine, I'm his. My love is like attachment with freedom. It's a feeling which connects us but also lets us be free. I don't think of marriage as a necessity. You don't have to live together even if you are bound by a life long connection. Love makes you a better person, at least with the one you love. And at least it increases the desire to be a better person. It becomes a way of living. I'm soaked in love and I'm sure it will give me far more excitement than despair. You don't fall in love, you rise in it.

With love,
Sanya Batra


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