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Monday, July 19, 2010

Visual Aids

Weak eyesight? Well, you got a few options. If you can improve your eyesight naturally, that would be the best but till then, you need visual aids. Here are a few of them:

Some people delay getting their eyesight checked because they don't want to wear glasses. This can worsen your eyesight. If your eyesight has just started getting weak, it's a must to wear them, but as less as possible. I'd recommend wearing them only while watching television or while using the computer, reading, sketching and doing similar things. If your eyesight's power is under -1.50 (myopia which is commonly referred as near-sightedness) or +1.50 (hypermetropia) you can probably manage to do other activities and go out without glasses. And always keep your glasses in the cover, when you are not wearing them. I've seen lots of people never ever keep their glasses in the cover, it just leads to the lens of their glasses getting hazy, scratchy and dusty, which stresses their eyes, gives them a headache.

How to decide whether you need to use a visual aid while doing a particular thing
You can do anything without glasses or other visual aids  as long as it doesn't strain your eyes. Do not try to see clearly when you cannot see clearly. If you are near-sighted and there is something far away which is not clear, let it be that way. Eye care professionals (Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Opticians) will advice you wear glasses/contacts as much as possible but only because most people try to see what they cannot see which results in their eyesight getting worse.

Contact Lenses
A lot of people who wear glasses have a disbelief that wearing and taking contact lenses off is very hectic. At least in my case, I had no problems in inserting them in my eye and taking them off. The only drawback was that I had to cut my index finger nail and thumb nail of my right hand. But I still had to stop wearing lenses because they made my eyes dry. The first one I got were annually disposable. The second ones were monthly disposable. When I wore contact lenses for the first time, I realized that I hadn't seen myself in the mirror clearly without glasses and the first time I wore monthly disposable lenses, I felt that I hadn't seen anything so clearly in 5 years. Yeah, the monthly disposable ones are far better than the annually disposable ones. A few months before I switched to monthly disposable lenses, I got eye drops for dry eye called Refresh Tears which helped a bit. I had always been using eye drops, the daily use eye drops but not the ones for dry eyes. Refresh Tears contains preservatives which can cause irritation to some people and if it does, they must switch to preservative free eye drops. I have not tried daily disposable or other type of contact lenses but as far as I know, there are ones which wouldn't make your eyes dry so I might give them a shot in the future. The cornea of our eye is the only region which receives oxygen directly from air so I think going out for at least half an hour everyday without contact lenses will help if your eyes get dry when you wear contacts. My eyes only used to get dry about after wearing lenses for 4 hours and it just gets worse and worse so it would be best to wear them for only a few hours everyday, of course depending on your contact lenses.

Prescription Sunglasses
Prescription sunglasses look like sunglasses but they work like glasses. And they won't make your eyes dry. I wear them a lot currently. You can visit the optician and choose one of the sunglasses, ask them to change the lens from no power to your eyesight's power or you can bring your own sunglasses and get the lens changed. You can have the lens of the same colour as it was before or get a different colour, any colour or even two colours.

You can have all three of these- glasses, contacts, prescription sunglasses and wear whatever you like. Sunglasses may not help much because you can already see a lot in sunlight, it's fairly easy to go out without any visual aid in the sun. But you could still choose to see 20/20 when you are in the sun. And who said that you can only wear sunglasses while you are in the sun? But I think it's best to be without any visual aid. Your eyes may get dry or your contacts may come out or get damaged if water comes into your eyes.

The Drawback of wearing Glasses/Sunglasses
Sure you know you'll look different in them but have you realised that people might treat you differently because of them? It's weird to have a conversation while wearing sunglasses, eye contact is important. If you are walking down the street, a cute guy/girl looks at you, wouldn't you want to make eye contact? And does the way you look while wearing glasses/sunglasses truly reflect your personality?  

Nightwear Lenses
Orthokeratology is a technique in which you have to wear contact lenses only while sleeping. Insert them in your eye before you go to bed and take them off when you wake up. And Voila! You'll be able to see clearly without glasses/contacts/sunglasses during the day. But you will have to wear them forever or until you wish to see clearly. They have been proven to be better than laser surgery. What I mean is that people who have tried these lenses are more satisfied with the result than the people who have tried laser surgery. But there are ones who have tried laser surgery and they are completely satisfied with the result. The reason why laser can be better than these lenses is that once you get surgery done, if everything goes right, you'll be able to see clearly if you take care of your eyes, if you don't repeat the things which you did to make your eyesight weak. However, once you stop wearing nightwear lenses, your vision will probably go back to what it was before you started wearing those lenses. These lenses work by reshaping the cornea of the eye. When you start wearing these lenses, it can take hours, days, weeks or months to see clearly during the whole day. It usually takes up to a month though. Some people have reported double vision and other vision problems when they start wearing the lenses but this is temporary but keep in touch with an eye doctor. If your vision problems don't go away in a few days, tell your doctor about it. But it is still safer than laser surgery, it does not give you permanent vision defects which laser can. If after laser surgery your vision isn't 20/20 or better, it will probably never reach 20/20. In my personal opinion, you could try nightwear lenses, and while you can see clearly, do eye exercises, and when you stop wearing the lenses, your vision may stay all right, the cornea of your eye may not get back to what it was before you started wearing these lenses or at least better. Or if you find something which can help you in improving your vision naturally, stop wearing the lenses, try the natural therapy.

People also use contact lenses for fun or if they don't like their eye colour.

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Use Soft Contact Insertion/Removal Kit if you have trouble in wearing or removing contact lens. Some people don't like touching their eye or lens with their hands so this kit comes in handy.

Lens Insertion/Removal Kit Reviews:

The shipping was very fast. The products work great, but they are a little pricey. However, I'm very happy with the tiny case that came with the kit. That's probably the main reason why I chose this insertion/remover kit over the other one. It would be nearly impossible to keep them clean without a case.

by G. Knapp

My old set finally broke I had to get a new one. Have been using it for few years now and wouldn't be able to live without it now.

by Kris K "The Newb" 


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